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6 good reasons to choose GOTO Bridge XVII

Unlimited deals


Game correction

of your play

Optimal readability

Easy to use

Bridge lessons

Lessons and exercises

Best players

Play against the best players


Play offline

Find out more

Outline of the different game modes

Game modes accessible at the click of a mouse!

  • Unlimited deals: the ideal game mode for a quick game
  • Lessons and exercises: enrich your knowledge thanks to GOTO Bridge lessons
  • Practice: improve your skills in different game areas
  • Tournaments: compare yourself to other players and challenge champions
Select your bidding system in “Settings” among the SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), the English ACOL system, the French 5-card major system, the Polish system, the Nordic system, the NBB Standard system and the 2/1 system. A free profile also allows you to set your own conventions.

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Bridge for everyone

GOTO Bridge is a reference among bridge software in the world. Thanks to its numerous game modes and features, it allows players of all ages and levels to have endless fun.

You are a beginner?

Discover and learn the rules of bridge! Then you can select areas of the game you want to practise (bidding, card play, attack or defence) and progress thanks to the corrections provided in the “Correction” mode.

You want to start playing bridge again?

Evaluate your level, strengths and weaknesses easily thanks to the lessons and exercises prepared by bridge professionals.

You are an experienced player?

Pit yourself against the best players in the “Tournaments” mode! At the end of the deals, you will be compared to them on the same deals and in the same conditions.
The game mode “Challenge the best international players” will even give you the opportunity to compare yourself to World Champions by replaying the deals from official championships.

You are a bridge teacher?

The deal manager is made for you. As teaching material for your bridge lessons, this tool allows you to prepare and import your own deals, save them and sort them as you see fit. Besides, thanks to the printing module included, you can print your deals, bidding boards, tricks and any other comments.


"GOTO Bridge is definitely one of the best bridge software. It evolved very quickly and now offers successful card play. Bidding still needs to be improved and then we'll feel like we're playing against a top player as partner!"

Daniel S. (91)

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