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Goto Bridge installation

Version for PC and Mac

Double-click the "GB-MAC.dmg" or "GB-PC.exe" file in your "Downloads" folder. Installation will start. Just follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

Version smartphones et tablettes


Go to the App Store from your iPhone/iPad and search "Goto Bridge". Once you find the app, tap the price to launch the download. You may be asked to enter your iTunes account password to confirm the download. The app will then be installed on your iPhone/iPad screen. Just tap it to get started.

Smartphones et tablettes Android

Go to Google Play Store from your smartphone/tablet and search "Goto Bridge". Once you find the app, tap "Buy" to launch the download. You may be asked to enter your Google account password to confirm the download. The app will then be installed on your smartphone/tablet screen. Just tap it to get started.

Play on several devices

PC et Mac

You can install Goto Bridge on several computers (PC or Mac) up to 3 different computers.
Your registration code will be required for every new installation.
When you will reinstall the software, a message will inform you that your registration code has already been registered on another computer and will ask you if you want to transfer it to the new computer. All you have to do is confirm.
Please note that you can't use Goto Bridge on two computers at the same time.

Smartphones et tablets

You can install Goto Bridge on several smartphones and tablets provided that they have the same iTunes account (iPhone/iPad) or the same Google account (Android).
All you have to do next is go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app again.

Register your code (PC/Mac)

Only applies to owners of the PC/Mac version.

You will find your registration code in the email sent to you following the purchase of Goto Bridge for PC and Mac.

Your registration code allows you to enjoy the full version of Goto Bridge.

More about Goto Bridge home screen

Goto Bridge home screen is split into two parts:

Menu bar

The menu bar is displayed at the top of your screen and allows you to:
  • Go back to Goto Bridge home screen and access game modes
  • Access your gaming history: you will find a list of the deals played on Goto Bridge that you can watch again or replay
  • Configure your Goto Bridge via the settings
  • Go to Goto Bridge shop to buy extra deals for instance
  • Read this user guide

Game modes

There are four: Regular deals, Easy deals, Lessons and exercises, Bidding practice.

Each game mode offers a progress bar. It shows how many deals you have played out of the total number of deals available in the game mode.

You can play up to 400 deals with exercises in the game mode "Lessons and exercises" and up to 600 deals in other game modes. Extra deals are available for purchase in Goto Bridge shop.

Click/tap the button "Play" to enter a game mode.

Game mode "Regular deals"

This game mode allows you to play deals as you wish, one after another.

At the end of the deal, Goto bridge displays:
  • Your result
  • The best contract that can be made on the deal
  • The auction
  • The four hands of the deal
Goto Bridge also analyses your bidding and card play to help you make progress.

You can then watch your deal again trick by trick or play the next deal.

Game mode "Easy deals"

This game mode allows you to play deals with particularly easy bidding and card play. There is no trap!

Game mode "Lessons and exercises"

This game mode offers 30 bridge lessons and 400 deals with exercises enabling you to test your bidding and card play:
  • 15 lessons on bidding with 20 exercises per lesson
  • 15 lessons on card play with 6-12 exercises per lesson
Exercises are prepared deals, i.e. with an expected result. You can put the lesson learned into practice.

You score 100% if you find the right answer at the first attempt. You score 0% if you fail.

At the end of the exercise, you will access the comments on the deal and explanations about what is specific about it and how to play it.

You can read the lessons again and redo the exercises as many times as you want. You can also reset your progress stats.

Game mode "Bidding practice"

This game mode allows you to work on specific bidding sequences or deals with distribution specifications. You have three different possibilities here.

Choose your contract

You choose the type of contract (part-score, game or slam), the declaring pair and the contract suit.

Choose your auction

You choose the type of auction you want to play.

Choose distributions

You set all deal parameters (number of points, number of cards per suit, etc.).

Goto Bridge will provide you with deals meeting your requirements.

At the bridge table

On Goto Bridge, the menu displayed at the right of the table gives you various information and offers you multiple settings and gaming options.

Information available

  • The name of the game mode in which you are playing
  • The dealer and vulnerability at the table
  • The bidding sequence of the deal played
  • Tips about the meaning of the bid given by the robot Argine
  • The last trick played during card play

Correction to bidding and optimised card play

When enabled, this option allows Goto Bridge to automatically correct your bidding and card play.

At bidding, Goto Bridge will correct your bidding cards, explaining your mistakes.
If the bid selected seems to be incorrect, a dialogue box explaining why will open and will ask you if you want to cancel the bid, confirm it or if you want to get advice from GotoO Bridge.

At card play, Goto Bridge will show you the best card to play to take the highest number of tricks on the deal.
Simply hover the mouse over the card you want to play (version for PC/Mac) or preselect it (version for smartphones/tablets) and we will show you the final result of the contract if you play that card (and the next ones to best serve your interests).


  • Check and edit your bidding and card play conventions
  • Check and edit game ergonomics settings

Game actions

  • Cancel the last bid or trick and go back
  • Claim remaining tricks
  • Quit the deal in progress
  • Start a new deal when you already have one in progress (and quit the latter)

Argine's advice

The button "Argine's advice" can be found everywhere at the table on Goto Bridge. Be it during the bidding or card play phase, you can ask Goto Bridge robot "Argine" for advice at any time. Argine will then tell you how it would play.


There are two different ways to access Goto Bridge settings: from the menu bar displayed on the app home screen or directly from the menu displayed on the right side of the table.

Bidding and card play conventions

Goto Bridge allows you to set your bidding and card play conventions. You can select one of the many systems available in the app.
You can also create your own profile with the conventions you want to play.

Game table settings

This is where you can set all display and ergonomics options.


Card face
You can select a French or English deck of cards and choose between 2 and 4 colours (red/black or red/black/orange/blue).
Card back
It allows you to select the card back pattern.


Suit preselection
Several options are available:
  • Automatic: Goto Bridge automatically selects cards of the required suit in your hand. Then play the card you want.
  • Manual: Click/tap the cards of the required suit in your hand to select them. Then play the card you want.
  • Never: Play the card you want directly.

Confirm played card
Enabled: You must confirm the cards you play when they are at the centre of the table (the cards shake) by tapping them. If you have played the wrong card, it allows you to cancel it by tapping anywhere around the card.
Auto trick collection
Several choices are available for this option.
Never: you will always have to click on the trick to collect it.
After X seconds: the trick will be automatically collected after X seconds but you can still collect it by clicking on it.
Switch North and South when North is the declarer
Enabled: if North is the declarer, you play the deal with the North hand displayed at the bottom of the screen. The dummy, South, appears at the top of the screen, and East and West are thus switched.
Display South with cards lined up horizontally
Enabled: Cards of your hand will be displayed horizontally, not fanned out.
Play singletons automatically
Enabled: singletons (a single card of a given suit in your hand) are played automatically. If you disable this option, you will have to play singletons yourself.
Display the pop-up window with bidding tips
Enabled: the pop-up window with bidding tips will be displayed based on the last bids played. It gives you an estimate of the hand which made a higher bid. It gives you details on the range of the number of cards in each suit, as well as an estimate of the points in the hand.
Display the total number of tricks taken on the deal
Enabled: in the result windows, the total number of tricks taken on the deal will be displayed. If disabled, it is the trick difference for the contract played which is displayed (e.g. if 11 tricks are taken in a contract at the 4-level, +1 will be displayed).
Alert card
Enabled: alerts are displayed at the table.
As a reminder, in bridge, you must use the alert card as soon as you make a conventional bid. In other words, each non-standard bid must be alerted.
Animation speed
It allows you to set animation speed (e.g. how long it takes for a card to move from a player's hand to the centre of the table) and therefore the pace of a deal.
Table brightness
Increase and decrease table brightness by dragging the slider.


Here you can select the sounds you want to hear while playing.
When boxes are unchecked, sounds are not played.
You can also set a specific voice for each player.

Licence (PC/Mac)

Only applies to owners of the PC/Mac version.

Here you will find:
  • Your registration code.
  • The email address used when registering your code (optional) that can be modified if needed.

Game engine specifics

Any questions about the gaming habits of Goto Bridge AI "Argine"? You have come to the right place!


Edit Goto Bridge language.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

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This purchase does not make you the owner of the Software, but grants you the rights to use it under the terms detailed below.
By accepting this contract, you unreservedly agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Licence.
Most of GOTO GAMES software products include free trial versions downloadable from its website (, allowing the user to make sure that the Software meets his needs and is compatible with his computer system. When such trial versions are not available, it is the user's responsibility to ensure beforehand that the Software meets his needs and is compatible with his computer system.
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However, should you breach the terms and conditions of this Licence, GOTO GAMES reserves the right to terminate this Licence without prior notice and without prejudice to any other actions at its disposal.
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Do not play if you are tired or need sleep.
Ensure you play in a well-lit room and you adjust the brightness of your screen.
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When playing, make sure you take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour.
b - Epilepsy Warning.
Some people have a condition which may cause them to experience epileptic seizures or have momentary loss of awareness triggered by light flashes or patterns: rapid succession of images or repeated simple geometric figures, flashes and explosions. These persons may experience seizures while playing certain video games with such light flashes although they have never had a seizure before.
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